24 Tweets in 24 Hours to Stand Up for Canadian Democracy

At 12:00am on June 14, debate on Bill C-38 will begin in the House of Common. I need you to add your voices to our opposition in the House. Here’s how.

Starting at 12:00am, I want you to tweet or post on Facebook the following:

#ourbudget not yours #ourbudget not yours #13heroes #splititup save our pensions save our shores #C38 #cdnpoli #24in24

I want you to keep tweeting and posting that every hour for the entirety of the debate on Bill C-38 (expected to be 24 hours). It’s like a rally chant, but on social media.

You can’t all be in the House with us. But we need you to make so much social media noise that you’re all Tony Clement sees when he checks Twitter.

Let’s stand up, speak out, and remind the Harper government that this is Our Budget — not theirs!


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